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‚Äč'Getting Started' Members

I want to maintain a 'User/People' focus. There are plenty of resources, groups and sites available for Office 365 Admins.
It's my hope that this site is used as a resource for organizations using Office 365, who want to easily bring their people up to speed. It will compliment an organizations own induction and training process.
My other goal is to demonstrate what can be achieved by using the tools available in Office 365. Loosely, a "Experience-Play'n'Learn-Use" flow for participants and members.

I'll be adding more simple training resources and productivity tips in the Blog.


In the Members site, I'll be working on additional training resources, a community portal, perhaps even leveraging Yammer. 
For now, members will be invited to contribute to the Getting Started OneNote notebook. The notebook will be used to capture notes from the Lync Online meetings/webinars, resources, questions, Office 365 areas to research.  No doubt, the notebook will grow to be more than that and become a useful resource that can be referenced publicly using the External Guest Link provided.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact me directly.

Darrell Webster